What We Do?

With a vision of breaking the vicious cycle of poverty into which the children were born and of working towards a better future, we strive to ensure our children develop all their abilities and possibilities and help them to thrive in a traditional school setting. In order to reach this goal we provide nutritional, psychological and educational support, with an emphasis on technology, music, and English.

Community Center

We believe in the African proverb “It takes a village to educate a child.” This is why we involve the community in our projects and events, and we include a group of senior citizens.

Nutritional and Psychological Support

We have a psychologist on staff who is there to help children and families in need of psychological support in cases such as family violence, learning disabilities, divorce, death, or negligence.
In addition, we track the growth of all of our children and offer further support with a nutritionist.


We have an advanced technology center, and use Office 365. We started a Virtual Classroom program for both teachers and students, we are members of Microsoft BizSpark, and use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


Our babies are exposed to music from the start. We are developing a program that includes singing, piano, bass, guitar, battery and percussion centered on pop, salsa, and Colombian music, but hoping to add other types of instruments and eventually introduce the children to classical music.

Senior Citizens

The inclusion of senior citizens encourages a sense of intergenerational solidarity among the children and teens of Cigarra; promotes a greater connection with the community, and values the wisdom and experience of seniors.

Parent Workshops

Active parental participation is fundamental to the welfare of the children. Cigarra conducts Parent Workshops on a regular basis. Some of the topics discussed include parenting guidelines, nutrition, health, prevention of violence within the family, child sexual abuse, and other topics fundamental to child rearing.

Mini Soccer Inter-School Tournament

With the participation of the IDRD we had our first in-house mini soccer tournament. Almost all ages, including teachers, took part in the event. We also played matches against other schools in the area. Given the success of this event we held a second tournament in the first semester of 2017 and we plan to continue.